• Conversion rate increased from 1.1% to 3.2%
  • Average order value grew by 30%
  • The shopping cart abandonment rate decreased by 22%
  • Overall revenue increased by 35%
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Enhanced brand identity and customer experience

Wizcode Solutions custom store design helped Abduct Cosmetics boost conversions by182%, increase average order value by 30%, and reduce shopping cart abandonment by22%. Overall revenue grew by 35%.

Abduct Cosmetics Journey to Increased Conversions and Customer Satisfaction

Abduct Cosmetics is a leading online cosmetics brand known for its high-quality, natural, and vegan makeup and skincare products. With over 11,000 products in their catalog, Abduct Cosmetics was looking to improve their conversion rate and build custom online stores tailored to individual client needs.

The challenge

Abduct Cosmetics approached Wizcode Solutions, a leading e-commerce development agency, to help them address several key issues:

  • Increase their overall conversion rate
  • Develop custom online stores specific to each client's unique requirements
  • Improve product discovery and reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Streamline the checkout process and enhance the user experience

Range Of Action

Wizcode Solutions implemented a multi-faceted strategy to transform Abduct Cosmetics' online presence and drive significant improvements in conversion rate and sales:

  • Wizcode built a highly customizable Shopify Plus store framework that could be easily tailored to each client's branding, product catalog, and business needs
  • Streamlined checkout flows and one-click purchasing options were implemented to reduce cart abandonment
  • In-depth user research and A/B testing were conducted to identify friction points and optimize the customer journey
  • Intuitive navigation, mobile-responsive design, and improved site speed contributed to a better user experience
  • Personalized product recommendations, upsells, and cross-sells were strategically placed to increase average order value
  • Robust analytics tracking and reporting provided valuable insights to continuously refine marketing strategies
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The Results

After implementing Wizcode's comprehensive solutions, Abduct Cosmetics saw remarkable improvements in their key performance metrics:

  • Conversion rate increased from 1.1% to 3.2%, exceeding their initial goal
  • Average order value grew by 18% through effective upselling and cross-selling
  • Shopping cart abandonment rate decreased by 22% due to a streamlined checkout process
  • Overall revenue increased by 28% as a result of the combined improvements

Abduct Cosmetics' clients also benefited greatly from the custom store development approach:

  • Reduced time-to-market for new online stores, allowing clients to quickly launch their branded e-commerce presence
  • Increased flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing business needs and market trends
  • Enhanced brand identity and customer experience through tailored design and functionality

The Outcome

By partnering with Wizcode Solutions, Abduct Cosmetics was able to significantly boost their conversion rate, increase average order value, and provide a superior online shopping experience for their customers. The custom store development framework also enabled Abduct Cosmetics to better serve their clients' unique requirements, driving growth and success for both the brand and its customers.

For more details on how Wizcode Solution can help your business achieve similar success, contact us.


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